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ABOUT Back at the Hive.

Brand Identity.  Graphic Design. 

At Back at the Hive, we create brand identities and graphic designs that show the rest of the world who you are, and what makes you unique. Think of us as the worker bees "back at the hive" working to make your business look great –  so you can concentrate on what you do best, and on what your organization is all about. (Explore projects).


Back at the Hive provides a broad range of consulting services to small companies in the US consumer goods space including sourcing, design & development, production management and sales support.  Our years of experience and expertise allow us to help you get your product manufactured and to your US retails customers avoiding the hiccups that can cost you time and money.


Are you ready to take the next step? 



Jacqueline Kraft, Owner


Jacqueline has 10+ years of experience in design, branding and product development.  As a graphic designer and branding consultant, she focuses on developing consistent messaging through logo design, package design, website design and collateral.  She is not only creative but also an ideal project manager.  Her ability to manage all team members as well as our vendors is crucial to our time-management success.  She can multitask effectively and solve impending problems before they escalate.  Her clear communication skills with both domestic and international factories during the Product Development phase and with Sales Representatives are what keep progress moving forward in the most efficient and productive manner.



Jessica Hirschlein Schwan, Consultant


Jessica has spent over 10 years working with small and start-up businesses helping them to develop a cohesive and focused brand identity. Her specialty is creating transparent short and long-term goals for our clients and step-by-step timelines on how to execute them. Jessica is our resident logistics specialist – managing sourcing, production timelines, importing, warehouse management and order processing.  Her focus is on finding the best services and vendors to meet our clients’ needs while negotiating the best pricing and contracts.  She ensures that our brands grow through structured policies and procedures and also through improved profit margins.  She believes that her success is contingent on our clients’ successes.

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