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Honestly. packaging

Designed for our friends at Honestly.  Kraft boxes and textured stock belly bands work beautifully with the aesthetic of the brand.   The design translates throughout their product line, with labels for porcelain trays, tea towel bands, hang tags for apparel and mounting cards for porcelain gift tags. 

Keychain Tools Packaging

Packaging for this men's gift line incorporates textured stock, icon illustrations of the product and witty description of each product in the form of compositional text blocks.  The packaging aesthetic is used for hang tags and user manuals as well.

Horseshoes Set

Package design for this vintage-inspired Horseshoes set included the screened design on the product itself, the hang tag and a beautifully printed user manual on linen stock.

Bocce Set

We created the color scheme for this Bocce set, the design of the leather stamp, the hang tag, user manual, and selected the materials.  Each element was designed to work well together.

Hang tags and mounting cards for the Spitfire line of vintage-inspired fun and functional men's gifts.

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