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1. Compilation of video clips - Suggested for Thursday and suggest boosting as much as possible

Grete: "The district is about to lose 3 and ½ million dollars. And we’ve already cut just about everything that can be cut. So now it’s up to you, and me and everybody else around to realize that our property values are dependent on good quality schools and that we’re not going to have a decent education for our kids if we depend solely on the amount of money that comes from Sacramento."

Dr. Milliken: "SchoolForce, the BRSSD community’s education foundation, is our best defense against these cuts. The only immediate way to soften the economic blow to our schools for next year is to donate to SchoolForce. We together as a community can preserve and protect staff and programs that make our schools special. Please make your impactful donation by June 30th.”

Sujata: "SchoolForce is just one of over 600 local ed foundations in California that are working tirelessly to support public schools in California"

Mrs. Marinaro: "“I’ve seen what it’s like before SchoolForce, when there were no funds for music and the libraries were closed…. I’m incredibly, extremely grateful and thankful for what SchoolForce can provide us."

Jess Cobb: "Most of my kids’ favorite times at school are funded by SchoolForce… science.. music…library…Our awesome reading specialist makes such a difference for our kids, and she provides awesome resources for us teachers."

Tim: "Without SchoolForce, our district could simply not fund the arts, music, science and other programs that we take for granted, yet are not funded by our state…..Each and every student in our district deserves the best possible education in our excellent public schools"

Maia Bromberg: "As a teacher I’m able to benefit from amazing staff development opportunities to be giving your children state-of-the-art education… and I see how SchoolForce helps with new technology that keeps our kids safe when using the chromebooks in their classroom...SchoolForce is the organization that brings the joy to our kids from school, all the special programs, all the special extras that make school a special place come from SchoolForce.  That’s why our family gives and why I ask you to join us in giving.” 

Alison: "I understood that and I made my donation and I thought…At the ask, which is $100 to $150 per month – That is a bargain for the great schools we have in our district.”"

Sue: "We realized it’s a really difficult time in the economy right now; it may not be everybody’s time to give…if you can’t then don’t, but if you can give we’re asking you to. We really want to keep these programs in place."

Sandra: "So, similar to what we are doing today with sheltering-in-place, if we all do our part as a community, and give what you can, all our children can continue to thrive with a solid public education. So please go to and give today. Thank you.”

2. Countdown Graphics

Use neon light countdown graphics as a quick social media posts - perhaps one with 6 days left, then 3 days then 2 days then 1??? or thereabouts? 

 "Remember we've got just X more days to fund <<insert SF funded stuff>> for the 2020-21 School Year!

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