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We set up our client’s system to provide accurate inventory levels, sales histories, COGS, and accounting.


Our client was very successful on Etsy and was ready to take her product to retailers. She hired us to help her set up the systems necessary to make order processing and accounting clean and systematic.



We discussed the brand’s future goals, the retailers to whom they wished to sell and the challenges they felt on a daily basis with order processing. After assessing, we decided that Quickbooks was the best resource for her business for the coming years. After helping buy the software, we set up sales order forms and invoice templates; SKU list with descriptions, UPC codes, costs and wholesale prices; current inventory; customer details and all past and current purchase orders and all payments via credit card, check or ACH. Once we organized and entered all of the data, she had a clean system with accurate inventory levels, sales histories, COGS and accounting.


Quickbooks is a great option for linking many ecommerce sites to inventory so that direct-to-consumer sales will pull from the same inventory system as wholesale orders. Quickbooks also can link to most 3PL warehouses with 3rd party systems and it offers Intuit as a merchant account for easy credit card processing. In addition, it’s super user-friendly and provides a vast array of reporting options. We found this system to be appropriate for our client at this stage in her business’ growth. We also have experience with systems that can connect to Quickbooks, which will suit our client as her company expands further and begins selling to larger retailers.


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